Using Keystone for finance, we are able to provide services for specialized financial companies and for banks operating in the domestic and external factoring market.

Integrated “end-to-end” vertical solution (front-to-back)
Adopted as corporate platform by the largest banking and non-banking Italian Groups and Fintechs
ideal for wide-spread organizations focused on Business Process Management and Remote Operations
Multi product, multi channel features, multi language
High-performing technological approach, based on industry-standard architecture

K4F for Factoring / Financial Producs


  • Credit management with/without advance payments
  • Factoring with/without notification
  • Non recourse factoring
  • Maturity (with / without recourse, Deferred payments, IAS accounting)
  • IAS loan acquisitions (spot or revolving operation, deferrement payments for debtor, net revenue or nominal value purchase, deferred interest, Advanced payment in single/two instalments)
  • Reverse Factoring
  • Confirming (payment at maturity, with purchase)
  • Invoicing & recognition
  • VAT advances on receivables
  • Discount with/without recourse
  • Advanced settlement on contracts (with recovery on invoices, without recovery on invoices)
  • International Factoring (direct Import/Export or with associated partner, use of the FCI chain)
  • Syndicated loans - Parent company/Participant (on advanced payment transactions, on purchase transactions, on maturity transactions)
  • Securitised operations (with notification, without notification)

K4F for Factoring / General Outlook

  • most technologically advanced platform in the Italian market
  • fitting both outsourcing or on-premises delivery models
  • multiplatform (zOS, AIX DB2, Linux Oracle), a unique feature at European level
  • most used platform among both large-medium sized vertical operators and multi-product banks
  • parametric setup streamlining product and custom evolutions,
  • investment protection with  its cutting edge technology
  • a single platform for all Clients, fitting with different organizational and/or business models
  • high market share ensures a constant evolution, both on product coverage and on enrichments
  • from a technological point of view, Arcares evolves K4F following and anticipating market needs, eventually releasing new versions of the system
  • native integration with the most notable Core Banking Solutions (CEDACRI, CSE, STS SELLA and PHOENIX) and with large scale custom Banking Platforms
  • easy integration with Fintech companies with native modules supporting credit assessment and risk monitoring
  • native connectors to the most notable Market Credit Bureaus: CERVED, CRIBIS, AIDA PA, ModeFinance

K4F for Factoring / Modular Approach


  • preliminary application process
  • selection of the financial product
  • proposed Debtors portfolio
  • digital underwriting & legal conservation
  • back-office monitors and validates all processes


  • on-line access by the client (transferor or debtor)
  • proposal of transactions by the Client (Transferor or Debtor) with on-line feed from the Management System
  • interoperable on information and/or documents between the Client's business partners, e.g. consultation of flows on Pool participants or reporting vs Brokers and External Agents


  • credit application and credit granting are native features of the platform, via WorkFlow integrated with external Credit Bureaus and third-party insurance providers


  • end-to-end back-office operations on the whole process
  • native modules for: National Bank Regulatory reporting, G/L, IRS
  • data integration to/from other customer/group platforms
  • interfaces with Core Banking Platform  (where applicable)
  • interfaces with external Invoice Trading Platform (where applicable)